Call for Presentations

MPOWER 2018 Call for Presentations

Deadline to complete submission has been extended to March 20, 2018

Share your security knowledge and expertise with professionals from around the globe by presenting at MPOWER 2018. Speaking at MPOWER 2018 is an excellent way to demonstrate the innovation of your organization's security initiatives. You'll connect with a diverse audience of professionals—more than 3,500 attendees in all.

We are looking for presentations within the following topics:

  • Advances in Threat Defense
  • CISO
  • Cloud Security
  • Data Protection & GDPR
  • Endpoint Security
  • Evolve Your Security Operations
  • Security Management & Collaboration

There are 2 options for presentations:

  • 50 minute standard session (40 minute presentation with 10 minute Q&A)
  • 80 minute highly technical deep dive (60 minute with 20 minute Q&A)

We will also ask if this is a single presenter, co-presenters or a panel.

A short abstract of your presentation proposal is required along with contact information for all speakers. Ideal presentations will:

  • Focus on best practices
  • Offer in-depth technical strategies to combat the latest threats and attacks
  • Incorporate specific customer case studies

Presentations will be judged for their strength of user-focus, especially around expected or derived business value and technical merit. Be sure to address one or more of the following business benefits:

  • Accurate threat detection and response
  • Demonstrating and measuring compliance
  • Improved patch management
  • Improving productivity
  • Improving response times
  • Improving threat correlation
  • Lower management costs
  • Minimizing the impact of new regulations
  • Raising operational efficiency
  • Reducing complexity
  • Reducing user disruption
  • Streamlining and automating manual processes
  • Systematic policy enforcement
  • IT improving operations and meeting company goals
  • Enabling new business processes

As part of the submission process, you will be asked to pick from one of the following 3 levels:

General Interest

This is for business-level, strategic sessions, or introductions to new technology. For instance, panel talks generally fall into this category. A talk geared towards customers who are new to McAfee solutions and are looking to understand the basic concepts also fit into this category.


This attendee has a solid grasp of McAfee technology and is looking to learn more than the basics but is not a power user.


This is a "power user" who has been in IT security a while and is very familiar with McAfee technology. The person attending the advanced sessions won't need clarification of terms and will be expecting the session to provide technical use cases surrounding our products.

Important MPOWER Speaker Dates

February 9 Call for Presentations Open
March 20 Call for Presentations Ends (Extended)
Late April Speakers Notified
October 16-18 MPOWER 2018

If you have questions regarding MPOWER 2018 Call for Presentations, contact

FAQs: Submitting a Presentation Proposal

I would like to speak at MPOWER 2018. How do I submit a proposal?

Call for Presentation Proposals will be open from February 9 through March 20.

I have a few different ideas for MPOWER 2018 presentations. Can I submit more than one proposal?

Yes, multiple submissions from individuals will be accepted. Please note that each topic must be submitted via a separate form.

Someone else from my company wants to present at MPOWER 2018 and will probably submit a proposal. Should I still submit a proposal?

Multiple speakers from the same company can present multiple sessions at MPOWER 2018, provided they are delivering uniquely differentiated presentations. You can also co-present with someone at your company in the same session. In either case, each session should have only one submission.

I would like to co-present with someone. Is that possible?

Yes, co-presenters should submit only one proposal per speaking session and list both speakers' names and contacts during submission process.

Notification / Next Steps

When will I find out whether my proposal has been accepted?

Individuals will be notified in late April via e-mail whether or not their submissions have been accepted.

After I am accepted to speak, what should I do?

The e-mail announcing your acceptance to present will include a link to the MPOWER 2018 Speaker Guidelines. These guidelines will include everything you need to know about speaking at MPOWER 2018, including registration information, guidelines and deadlines, messaging, a downloadable presentation template, and more.

Logistics / Miscellaneous

If I am accepted to speak at MPOWER 2018, which of my expenses are covered?

If you are accepted to speak at MPOWER 2018, your conference fee will be waived—a $995 savings. Travel costs, hotel fees, and other expenses, however, are the responsibility of each speaker.

I have further questions regarding the Call for Presentations process. Whom can I contact?

For questions concerning presenting at MPOWER 2018 breakout sessions, contact

Why speak at MPOWER 2018?

Here are just a few reasons why submitting a proposal would be worth your while.

  • Your company is on the cutting-edge of security, and others will benefit greatly from hearing your story.
  • Speaking at MPOWER is a great way to meet industry leaders and peers with similar interests and initiatives.
  • Your insights and experiences are highly valued by McAfee and your peers.
  • The conference fee is waived for MPOWER 2018 speakers, a savings of $995.*
  • Enjoy unlimited access to conference sessions, the Sponsor Expo, unforgettable special events, and more.

*Speaker is responsible for travel costs, hotel fees, and all other expenses.